Media Player not recognizing first note of midi file

Anyone have a problem playing a midi file and Cantabile seems to skip the first note when playing? I have a midi file that I exported from Ableton that plays fine in Ableton, but when I bring it into Cantabile, it looks as if the first note start point is “before” the line for the start of the file, so it never gets sent to the plugin I’m using.

HI, got exactly the same problem

Could one of you post your midi file so I can look at it? Thanks


Piano (513 Bytes)

here it is zipped

Hi Joe,

I looked at the MIDI file, it is fine. The problem that it could be is that the time line markers for the media player in Cantabile have been moved inadvertently.

The first pic shows a marker that is after the beginning of the first MIDI note in your file you sent. In this case the media player treats the marker as zero for song playback and always misses triggering the first note.

It is corrected by clicking and dragging the left marker bracket all the way to the left of the time line
as shown in picture 2 so it is at 1 on the timeline ruler.

I don’t know if this your particular problem but it had happened to me before so I posted it in case you have the same issue.