Media player midi files play at same time

Hi all, I made my first media player with a midi file playing 4 bars at the tempo of the song, achieved by Slave(musical). I made a binding to C2 on my keyboard to trigger. Worked perfectly.

Then, I realized I needed another midi file to play a difficult string part. I made that one and assigned to D2 on my keyboard as the trigger.

My problem, as you might have guessed, is that pressing either C2 or D2 triggers both midi files even though I put them in separate media players (media player 1 and media player 2).

  1. how do I get both midi files to not play at the same time?
  2. the files need to be at the tempo of the song, thus slave (musical)

I’m guessing for #1 there’s some sort of ports/midi channel thing I need to fix. But ports and channels is still pretty confusing to me.

Any advice greatly appreciated!

You could make a second state and then in the first state the 1st media player is loaded and the second is not. In the second state the second media player is loaded and the first is not. Set up binding so that D2 changes the state and have and on state load binding to start the media player. Are you using the Main transport as the target for you note bindings?