Media Player Loop

Anyone knows how to loop the media player in cantabile 3?

Hi Cosmo,

Open the timeline… View>Timeline and look at the upper left of it and you will see looping controls.



How easy. I would even have to come on it.
Thank you


Is the loop mode only working in “None” or “Master” Mode? Is it possible to allow it also in both sync modes?
I am controlling our dmx controller via midi files. These files mostly contain 2 or 4 bars of steps per song part and they should repeat after that. But i have to use sync mode (musical) to get the tempo, because i use this midi snippets for many different songs.
Therefor I am also waiting for media player rack sync support :wink:

PS: if looping should work already then it might be a bug in build 3151

Greetings, Tom

@brad can you please have a look at it?