Media Player issues

Hi guys,

I’m sure this is an issue that just I am having, but I’ve got two media players, master and slave, running a stereo track and a click track to different outputs on a sound card. All good. However, the first time that I play the tracks (step through the show to the songs with tracks on), there’s a good 2 second gap between pressing the space bar to start the media players and them actually playing. Also, when the get to the end of the files, there’s a gap, then they play the 1st 10th of a second of the tracks again…


Cheers in advance as alway for any help.


Hey Toaster, I have a similar issue. What file format do you use for the tracks?

They’re just stereo 16 bit 44.1k .wav files, nothing too stressful…


Gotcha. I was asking because I use MP3 files, and I was going to convert to .wav to lessen the lag time, but it sounds like it doesn’t make a difference.


Hi @Toaster,

Could you put together a simply song that demonstrates the problem and send it and the related media files here so I can try to reproduce it?


Sorry Brad, been away. Turns out it was an issue with the hybrid HDD in my laptop. Put the files on an SSD and it works fine…


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