Media Player for multiple files?

Okay I have backing tracks that have a different MP3 backing track for each part.They need to start at the same time.

Can a single media player run multiple files, as I note one can add several files to one media player (but I cannot figure out how to get them ALL to play at once.

OR do I need to insert a media player for each file and sync them all via the bindings (IE have teh controller start button linekd to each medai player) Would it also be beneficial to set this up in the background rack? And finally is it possible to have a “rack” that is just a set of media players? Would save a bit of time setting up songs if all the media players (assuming option two above) can be loaded at the same time.


Hi Dennis,

This is how it works, media player for each file synced.


Thanks Dave - yes I suspected as much. I just was not sure if I had missed a “secret” setting somewhere hahaha!

Hi @pax-eterna,

The easiest way is to use multiple media players. You can sync them by either using multiple bindings to start/stop them at the same time, or more easily you can make one the master transport and sync the others to them (but this currently only works in a song - not a rack).

The other possibility is to combine all the files into a single audio file - either mixing down to stereo (typically), or you could create a multi-track file and route different tracks to different targets by creating multiple audio output ports on the media player.