Media Player BPM Sync

Hi all,
A question about the media player. I am just using it for the first time. I loaded a MIDI file. I click the play icon on the player and it plays perfectly–except not in the BPM of the song. When i right click on the media player I see it is not synced to anything, so I tried the Musical sync option. That takes away the play button from the player. Is that right? It seems like any option other than no sync takes away the play option. I was going to just click play during a gig (I know I should bind it to a key on my keyboard–I’ll get there), but there’s no play button. There’s something I’m missing about syncing the player to the song BPM. Thanks for any guidance!

Hi Keith,

If I understand you want to sync the speed of the MIDI file in the media player to the Cantabile Tempo and start and stop the player from the main transport controls. To do that set the transport to Metronome and mute the metronome sound (if you want). Then set the media player to Slave(Musical)


With theses settings the speed of the MIDI file is set to the Cantabile Tempo and reacts to the Main Transport controls.



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I think I get it. Will try that today!