Media Player and Multi-port playback

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I am an avid user of Cantabile’s recorder, and assign each VST instrument to its own “unassigned” port in order to bring it into the recorder. I have a template with 13 items in it going into the recorder - eight VST’s (six instruments and a master out and a master reverb out), 3 hardware synths, my microphone and the metronome click track. I use the Musical tempo (absolute) format for recording. (I also grab all the MIDI info, but that is not the issue.)

The audio tracks are recorded into a WAV or BWF file depending on the file size (Cantabile automatically picks the file format), and I wind up with 12 stereo tracks and one mono track that appear in the multi-track file in the order they appear in the RECORDINGS list, so dedicated instrument inputs come first, followed by my “unlisted” tracks in alpha-numerical order. (Thus, the stereo mix output does not sit at the top of the list, so it won’t go out of the first track’s port - only the top selected recorded instrument would - an audio input to my audio interface - in my case a hardware synth or ADAT loopback port, as the ports of each type appear alphabetically.)
To mix the recording later, I have to bring the file into Audacity, which sees them all as mono tracks, then combine the appropriate ones into stereo tracks, leaving the metronome and mic as mono tracks.

Well, that is all well and good for doing my mixing in the DAW, as I have all my stems ready to go, and this takes little time to do.


When I have this fantastic multi-track recording, I CAN bring it into Cantabile’s media player and playback all the tracks to hear a raw mix by assigning the tracks to output channels. I can even do some direct mixing of each track’s volume, or - as in the case of the metronome track - choose to not output it at all.

The problem lies with the fact that the “default” port assignment, whenever you add a track to the media player, is locked in at giving you a single left and right stereo-out track and a MIDI out track. That default and having no way to override it is the issue.

I have to go in and manually assign all these port assignments for every multi-track file that I want to add to the media player to replace the default - a VERY TEDIOUS thing to do. There is no way of saving and loading in sets of port assignments, or even of duplicating a media player entry so you can change its name and file assignment leaving everything else the same. This default port setting for the media player items seems to be burned into a DLL, as I could find no JSON or INI entry related to this.

Can we have some way of loading in port assignment setups or a utility to duplicate an existing entry at least? It would make it sooooo much nicer when using Cantabile as a multitrack recorder to just be able to plop it into the media player to audition the recording quickly and tell in a flash if the recording came out well - or have these recordings available for quick inclusion in a set to play on top of sometimes.

I think such a feature inclusion will make the media player much more user-friendly for taking tracks recorded in Cantabile and making them instantly reusable on a gig.


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One clarification - one needs to add a new port for each track recorded and assign it anew to a stereo-out. I my case this means 26 entries as each track needs a left channel assignment followed by a right channel assignment. Even if going to the same stereo out, one has to add each track.

The default stereo out only passes the topmost track in this file, which is always a hardware audio interface input and never the stereo out to the board, even.


Here are the two how-to tutorials I made on recording in Cantabile and getting the stems out via Audacity for my DAW.

Recording Live with Cantabile 3 and Using Audacity to Extract Stems - YouTube

And the longer webinar:

Cantabile Webinar 14 - Recording, Performer Bindings featuring On-Load - YouTube


My weekend watch list is now completed. Kudos to the Professor!

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@brad - not sure if this would have been better to have posted this feature request in the Trello page (whose address I have lost somewhere!)


Try this link Terry:

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Apparently, Brad suggests we use the forum for the suggestions, and he will add the items to his Trello himself. That board is public more for us as spectators following his progress than for us to enter stuff into, it seems.

Thanks though!!! :slight_smile:


Your right, this area could be improved a lot.

One work around that might help… while you can’t duplicated entries in a media player, you can copy/paste and entire media player. So you could setup all these ports and mappings in a “template” media player. Then copy/paste the player as required and edit the name of the song file.

I’ll look to adding copy/paste to the individual media player entries. Logged here.

And further down the track I think this will need to be resolved as part of the ticket for “multi-track timeline” and I’ve added a link back to this topic from there.


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I get you - set up a dozen or so base songs in a media player with all the port assignments done, and then copy and paste that into a song to recycle with new media file pointers. That should work great!

If we could additionally save and retrieve port setups like we can recording setups, that would likely make most of the difference there, too!


Build 4028 now has clipboard (Ctrl+C Ctrl+V and Ctrl+X) and duplicate (Ctrl+D) facilities in the media player editor.


Wooo Hooo!!! Thanks, Brad! :slight_smile: