Matrix View request

My studio setup is relatively large 72ch (36 audios i/o) and 28 midi i/o. I would like to use C4 as my main HUB for everything that passes in and choose from C4 what goes where.
Very handy when I use Cubase, Dorico, Mobilesheets and parallel soft synth…a single program change to C4 changes my entire setup in a second!
It works very well when I trim my ports to the very strict minimum, but as soon as I add new ports and connections, things get VERY messy and signals hard to trace.

I think that a Matrix view could be very helpful in such case.
What I have in mind is something like the RME Total mix matrix view.
Again, different colors for Midi and Audio would be very appreciated!

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To each their own, but as a Cubase user I can’t see how adding Cantabile into the chain would help anything?

I work with many softwares in parallel (ex, Dorico, Cubase, Wavelab, SpectraLayer, Mobilesheets, Sibelius, Musescore, Pteq…) so I need a sort of master virtual Midi HUB. Cantabile is geat for this functionality, but the visual monitoring is not that good for this purpose in its current state.
Beside, I run a full fledge eurorack modular system in a kind of stand alone mode, wich is handled by Cantabile.