Markdown for Notes


This is just a suggestion for a feature that might be loved by some folks:

I thing I would be quite handy to have the notes-section markdown enabled, so that everyone can format their notes the way they want in a more flexible way than it is now.
And I’m willing to help, if this feature seems to be wanted!

In long term the notes-section could be transformed to a html-viewer, that could receive customizeable parameters (text, cc-values, audio-levels, …)

…just a thought though.


Hi Jeff,

Good idea - I’m a big fan of markdown, but I’m somewhat reluctant to bring a web browser into the notes window. Past experience reliably hosting web browsers in a cross platform way is painful. Let me think about this a bit.



Yeah, I totaly get, that a html-browser has a full rat tail of problems with it.
Maybe just a simple (or custom) implementation could work without html.
But as I said, just a thought…


Thanks Jeff… I’ll certainly keep it in mind when I revisit notes next.


@Jeff_Frohner See here: Markdown Based Show Notes (Proof of Concept)