Mapping of Audioports

Hallo Community,

I am using Cantabile as a host for
• Pianoteq, a virtual piano SW and
• ARC 3.0, a room correction SW
The system has 3 output audio ports – for two pairs of speakers and for a headset. Each output is equipped with its own Burr Brown D/A converter – all connected with USB.
The virtual I/O audio management is done with Voicemeeter Banana – its “physical” output A1 supplies speaker-pair 1, A2 supplies speaker-pair 2, A3 supplies the headset. Voicemeeter allows to turn on and off each output separately and to adjust volumes of the different outputs with separate volume sliders – that does the job as expected so far …
Now my issue with cantabile: I want to configure 3 output ports, each of them should reproduce only one dedicated output like “Speaker1” for speaker pair 1 and so on. At the moment the “Speaker1” output is sending audio signal to all speakers and headphone simultaneously. I have fiddled around with audio port options but have no clue how to set it up to reproduce A1, A2 and A3 independent of each other.

Suggestions and help would be appreciated

Regards to all of You