Mapping multiple sys-ex strings to CC


I’m trying to map Portamento and Solo buttons on my keyboard to CC on/off messages. The MIDI monitor shows three strings of sys-ex with each press of the buttons. I know how to work with a single string but how can I accomplish this with multiple strings?

Each string has a function so you can do it step by step the filter only react if the specific string matches…
but maybe you can exactly describe what you want to do?

In the pic I can see no sense because normaly you have to map a specific value of your string to a value of the target…
example: (in your string) … 00 76 F7 write …00 $(val) F7 and the values from 0-127 will mapped to your target controller value

…have you noticed the new functions to work with variables also?

Found the problem. Somewhere along the line I switched the keyboard to Performance mode. Once I switched it back to Patch mode those same buttons only send a single string. Okay then, on to the next project. :grin: