Mapping Atom SQ Pad mode inside Cantabile


With Studio One I can change how my Atom SQ controller displays pads (Key, continuous,blocks etc) inside Studio One. I know Atom SQ is made by Presonus to integrate tightly with Studio One. But is there a way within Cantabile to tell my Atom SQ how I want it to display pad layout for each VST instrument? I can change the pad layout from the controller itself - but I would prefer to avoid this when playing.

Any help gratefully appreciated!


Hi Beth

You can use bindings to control what your SQ does, and can change the parameters in states which give you even more flexibility. Many of us have started “abstracting” our controllers, which is a way to always have control of what they do.
But, the short answer is yes…you can control your pad layout anyway you want. When using pads on my key controller, I can advance song states, disable/enable plugins, and change songs. These examples are just the tip of what you can do. I suggest the following…
You will need to find out what your controller is sending on each pad, knob…whatever, by using the midi monitor in Cantabile. Once you know what they do, you can then assign them to any parameters.
Hope this helps you get started. Most pads send midi out on channel 10, but maybe not with your SQ, just be aware.