Mapping a roland pitch bend lever to leslie speed

Evening everyone,

I’m trying to get my Roland pitch bend lever (one of the ones that has left right for pitch bend and forward for modulation) to control the leslie speed in my plugin (VB3-II if you’re interested but any plugin that uses modulation for the leslie speed would work…). I’ve set up a binding so that values of pitch bend from the controller above 8100 (not sure why but in Cantabile the range of values of pitch bend go from -8192 to 8192, rather than -64 to 64 as I thought they did…) mapped to a value of 1.000 for the plugin control (55. Rotor speed - in VB3-II). If I push the pitch bend lever fully to the right, this works great! And when I let it spring back to the centre, the selector in VB3 stays on fast. Brilliant, thinks I, this is easy…

The problem starts when I add a 2nd binding for the other direction to make the rotor speed go to slow. When I do this, with a value of -8100 mapped to 0.000, the switch goes to slow and stays there…

It seems to be that the bindnings are firing, whatever the value of the pitch bend data, if I put them the other way up in the list, the switch goes to fast and stays there.

Anyone know what I may be doing wrong, or how they’d go about what I’m trying to do?


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@dave_dore created a wonderful little utility rack for that purpose:

Works like a charm - I have embedded it in all my Hammond racks



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Thanks @Torsten!

I did a quick search through the forum but missed this. Apologies for my searching ineptitude.


It’s easier when you know what exactly you are looking for :wink: - I’ve been using this rack for ages…

It’s great, a very elegant solution. Would never have though of using 2 different controller numbers for the up and down…


Yeah - I probably would have knocked together a reaJS script to do the job. But @dave_dore is the wizard of doing complex things within Cantabile :mage:t2: