Map velocity to CC

As the title says, is there a way to map velocity to a CC#? I see that aftertouch (that’s channel AT - mono) can be mapped in the midi filters section, but no velocity option. I think the trick is velocity is tied to a note, if not, then how would it know what to do as a CC in a polyphonic playing situation. Unless we are talking MPE.
So, on an instrument like the Memorymoon ME80, velocity can affect the filter brilliance and env level per voice. so it must be using the note on to assign a voice then extracting the velocity data for other use within that voice. Does this make sense?


Cantabile doesn’t have a filter for this and I’m not sure what it would be used for? Since each note has a velocity associated with it it’s probably going to jump all over the place as you play.

The only thing I can think that might be useful would be some sort of moving average on the note velocities - that could be mapped to a CC that gives like a measure of how loud you’re playing.

I’m pretty sure you can do this with Bome MT. I haven’t used since switching from Forte to C3. Now the big question: why do you want to do this?

To be able to have VSTi synth parameters dynamically change with key dynamics. i.e. attack time.
The synths I am using Memorymoon ME-80, G-Force MiniMonsta & U-He Diva don’t have the ability to route velocity to parameters.Right now I use an expression pedal.

Yes, you could do this with Bome MT. It would give you virtual MIDI in and out ports. There’s sort of a check box model of programming that is a bit tedious, but you can route and modify any type of MIDI data. I don’t remember if they have a try and buy. It does work with C3, but in my case, C3 did everything I wanted so I phased it out. If I start playing EWI again, I may use it.

Thanks, I’ll have a look. But, I think this will not work as I initially thought as I note in my original post and as Brad noted. I think this would have to be implemented within the VSTi. I think using an exp pedal is my best bet.

I still think this is a very useful feature request.
By putting it in a Cantabile midi filter it gives the best chance for the subsequent CC to get to the plugin as soon as possible.
My use case is to set a velocity scaler such as piz’s midiVelocityScale and run sequences through it. ie. The sequence is triggered by the note on and then its velocities are scaled relative to the velocity of that note on.

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