Map Rack States to different Controllers

Hi everyone, I have a little Problem with a mapping

I have some Rackstates and want to map each State to a correspondenting Button in my controller-App

so state 01 should be send to controller 1 (to activate Button1)
state 02 should be send to controller 2 (to activate Button2)

…and so on

the only ways I have found are…

  1. to make for each RackState a binding
  2. to make one binding with different targets for each RackState

Someone has a better idea???

Currently there’s no way to use a state number/index/program as the controller number so this is a bit tricky. Also, you’re probably going to need to send a CC to de-activate the previous state controller right?

Your existing solution is probably the best atm.

The Problem is solved…

I had misunderstood or overlooked a few things in Chameleon.
So it is possible to use the buttons with Controllervalues 0-128
and now all Buttons work perfekt with my Racks in Cantabile.


Glad you found a solution.

For the record… it wouldn’t be hard to implement a MIDI filter that maps CC values to a range of CC controllers in a radio button style fashion. You could then put that filter on the output port. If anyone else wants this, please vote here.