Map a bank switch message - is it possible?

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I am wondering if it is possible to map a banked program change to something different, i.e being able to handle both the MSB LSB and the program change number? I am looking at the midi filters and tried to use a Controller Map, but then I can only select Program Number, and I don’t get the bank information.

I just upgraded to Performer, and I’m still struggling to find my way around states and linked racks and preloaded setlists, though I do believe I have seen nearly all the videos and read the manual and all the excellent answers in the forum, I haven’t been able to find any information on this. The “problem” I am trying to solve is that I am using LivePrompter to manage my songs, but I got lazy and wanted to reuse the same Cantabile song for a number of songs in our set, the only difference are which presets to use for the two instrument linked racks, so I wanted to make sure that my generic song was selected, then pick the right presets based on the program number. I don’t mind creating states for this, but I wanted to avoid having 60+ copies of the same song, just with different rack states selected - if possible.

Hi Torsten,

Using a binding it is easy to map Banked PG changes like e.g.

or the Program Mapper filter on the input routes. The key is to use the decimal points to separate the bank and PG numbers.

SnapShot 15211

My examples are set to MSB/LSB separate but you can change the format you want to use for entering banked PG changes in Tools>Options>General>Formatting

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Thanks! Seems I will have to set up all the mappings one at a time, then. I had hoped that there was some kind of range handling, like in the Controller Map in the midi filters. So I either have ranges or banks, but not both. But at least I know that this is what I have to do, so I can save myself the time I spent looking around to find the way to do it.

I still need to figure out how to load a song based on a program change command, and then after it has loaded select the right state or preset based on the program change command, but it seems to be well covered in documentation and comments, so I will keep reading :-).