Manage third-party software in Cantabile

Good morning,
I use a software called “Notation Composer” therefore, I ask you if it is possible to manage this software in Cantabile, as if it were a VST or other.
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I do not know what you mean by

Perhaps you can explain a little more to help us to answer your question?

the software is a little program called “Notation Composer” I use it as an electronic score excluding tracks that I play live, my request was to understand if it can manage “midi note” directly in cantabile in the same way as a plug- in.
thank you

Hi @Romeo,

I have had a look at the web site of Notation Composer. It seems that you can’t run Notation Composer “within Cantabile” because it as no VST version. You can send midi notes from Notation Composer to VST hosts (like Cantabile) using LoopBe or other virtual midi cables.

So you can run notation composer and Cantabile at the same time and send midi from Notation to Cantabile but you can’t have Notation Composer as a VST “inside” Cantabile, if that’s what you’re aiming at.

If you need to read sheet music notation while playing you can use (at least in Cantabile Performer) the Show Notes feature (


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Hi Gabriele,
you hit my request perfectly, I’m sorry I can’t do what I thought,
however I will try to use it as you advise me.
Thanks and
Have a good year