Manage plugin parameter by note velocity

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Hi all! I tried for hours but i’m not able to link velocity note to a plugin parameter.

My goal is to simulate palm mute effect of electric guitar so, if i play note “piano”, i want to move a cut off (example) of a plugin in a proportional low frequency value, if i play “forte” note, i want to move the cut off on a high value.

I tried to use MIDI filter “Velocity/controller curve” of Input port of my keyboard from ‘note velocity’ to a number of controller (5 example) and then use MIDI Filter of my plugin with Parameter Automation from Source controller (5 mentioned before) and target parameter “frequency cut of” of my plugin leaving the range at standard (0-127;0-1).

Any idea? Is that the correct approach?

Do i have to use the binding tab?

Unfortunately i didn’t see any kind of manual or example with the Parameter automation but i think that is the right way.


up :slight_smile: does anybody have an idea?

I don’t believe you’ll get anywhere with the “Velocity/Controlle Curve” filter. That one only modifies your note velocity or a controller input with a curve shape, i.e. it changes the response to your keyboard velocity or e.g. your expression pedal. What it does NOT do is change note velocity into controller messages.

I don’t think that any of Cantabile’s built-in filters will convert note velocity to controller values, so you’ll have to either find a MIDI plugin that will do that (check the PizMIDI plugins) or build your own using reaJS (part of the ReaPlugins suite - free!). Should be pretty straightforward: process every MIDI event coming into the plugin and if it is a note, generate a CC5 event with the velocity as controller value. If you’re into coding, that shouldn’t take you a lot of effort…

Once you have such a plugin configured, feed it with a parallel route from your master keyboard, but DON’T connect its output anywhere. Then use a binding with the plugin’s output as a source and with the “frequency cutoff” parameter of your plugin as the destination - should do the trick!

Best and cleanest would be to wrap this whole construct into a rack to keep it “hidden” from the song.



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Thank you very much Torsten! Great idea, i hope @brad will think a possible feature about it :wink:

I will try this solution and i will update you!

Thanks again!

Absolutely amazing! PixMIDI (midiNoteToCC) it’s perfect for any kind of job that needs a bind between any parameter and note velocity!

Thank you @Torsten!

@Brad, do you think it shoud be integrable? It would be (in italian) “the little cherry on the cake”.
Look the idea of midiNoteToCC, in detail the “velocity to CC” feature:
I think it need only the destination CC number because thanks to curve control embeded in binding we would already be able to adjust the curve from input range (the velocity) and the output range (parameter of any plugin).
You could add it to Filter.

Tx, Bye! :wink:

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I’m not @brad, but from my perspective, if something can be solved easily with a plugin, why is there a need to integrate it in Cantabile? To keep things manageable, I believe only things that either can’t be done with plugins or stuff that is needed frequently and makes standard operation easier should be part of the Cantabile core. Turning notes velocity into CC values is not a broadly needed capability - if there is a plugin solution, I don’t see the need to have it as part of Cantabile…

Just my 0.02 EUR…



I agree with Torsten - especially as velocity tends to be routable to filter cut-off in many (if not most) hardware and software synths anyway.

Yes, you’re right, it was only a purposeso to have less “border” plugins around the “core” plugins :wink:

Thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:

@The_Elf yes but i have a simple and poor yamaha DXG 305…ahah

You are already two against me, i withdrawal the question :smile: