Make the AntiLoop Routing rule weaker

Correct me if I’m wrong. In Cantabile there is a system to avoid routing loops (ie an output can never be put into input of a previous vst).
However, this rule does not take into account the type of route being traced.

In my specific case, I would like to use the MIDI output of Vst B (Controller) as Midi Input of Vst A (Audio Effects), considering that Vst A has an audio route to Vst B.

@brad Could the AntiLoop rule be refined to make that link possible?


Hi @ClaudioCas,

This isn’t and won’t be supported directly. The problem with this is this requires processing plugin A and sending it’s output to plugin B input, then processing plugin B and then what - processing plugin A again? Allow this across all plugins and things get out of hand very quickly.

The better way to implement this is to process the backward loops on the next audio cycle - which is what Cantabile’s loopback ports are for - but it requires manually routing through them.


  1. create pseudo MIDI input port called say “My Loopback”
  2. Connect the MIDI output from Vst B to it’s “My Loopback (loopback)”
  3. Connect the “My Loopback” input port to to VST A’s input.

There will be one buffer of latency on the MIDI loopback but that’s how it is.



Thanks @brad for your detailed answer.
I understand why it can’t be implemented, I will use a virtual loopback port as suggested!
Thank you