Make a SILENT "A0" Note Toggle Your Microphone On/Off

If you want to use the bottom note on your 88-key controller to toggle your microphone on and off, you can do so WITHOUT the note sounding. Here is how to do that using a filter and a binding.


Very cool use of filters Terry!!

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Hmm - very clever wizardry. But maybe a bit of over-engineering for the purpose?

Since we have Routing Mode on bindings, this is pretty easy to accomplish without having to mess with filters - this simple binding takes care of sending alternating volume of 0 and 127 to the vocal rack:

Setting Routing Mode to “Suppress” makes the binding “catch” the note before it gets routed to the instrument. Really helpful when using notes as switches - especially when you do that on a song-by-song basis…

Sorry, couldn’t help a bit of smart-a**ery :wink:

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Terrific solution! :grinning: