Major update 3233/4

Just a quick question about the big new build 3233/4. Will it make changes to rack/song/setlist/settings files that will cause any difficulty if I revert back to build 3232?


Hey Neil.

There are few small changes to file formats:

  1. The “Automatically Update State” flag get converted to lock flags on the states.
  2. The “Always save rack with parent song” gets converted to “Save On Unload: Always”.
  3. Some key bindings for state related commands have been renamed internally and will be updated to their new names.

So… if you update to 3233/4 and then need to go back those settings will be lost on any songs/racks you save in the new build.

To be safe best to take a backup, but it’s not what I’d call a critical set of changes to the file formats. ie: previous builds will still open them.


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Wow major indeed! You’ve worked hard Brad!
Lots of stuff we asked before!
Incredible how much you validate your customers!

Can we get some help on the new functions? Or are they in documented in the manual already?

New - Revert Song and Revert Rack commands (File menu)
New - locked states (replaces auto-update state option)
New - routable metronome sounds (create an input port called “Metronome”)
New - compact on-screen keyboard now shows target name
Improved - state related commands moved to new “States” menu
Improved - mouse wheel support for knobs and sliders (hold Shift for fine)
Improved - delayed prompt to save songs with pre-loaded set lists
Improved - modified songs indicated in set list panel (when pre-load on)
Improved - new option to control when/if racks are saved
Improved - control click knob/slider to reset to home position
Improved - show perf metric variables in variable menus
Improved - show state saved feedback in status panel
Fixed - unclean shutdown when shutting down Windows
Fixed - relative encoder bindings not woking with with gain targets
Fixed - incorrectly reshowing popups with toggle popups command
Fixed - set list not updating when state deleted
Changed - transpose command moved to Control menu

Have a look at Brad’s blog post about the new stuff.



I was thinking: since we’re a helpful community and Brad works so hard within such a little time,
Would it be interesting that we setup a cantabile wiki?

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I’m curious to hear how the latest version works for you guys as I’m going live next week, I’m a bit afraid for bugs.

that said, I gave it a try, I can always reinstall the previous version right :slight_smile:

ok first issue, I checked a song note state behaviour OFF and now it’s gone in the other state also, but there’s no undo :confused:

Hi @So_Godly,

I’d be reluctant to call this build stable yet. As mentioned above, for ease of going back I’d make sure you have a backup of your songs and racks, but even if not it should be reasonably easy to go back.

State Behaviours aren’t per-state so not sure what you mean by this. Some more details?

I have a song with 2 states, but when i unchecked song notes from the first state and switched to the second, my notes were gone, but i could not undo this anymore?

BTW i love the new functions! Nice job.

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Hey @So_Godly

Not sure I’m following…

Do you mean these?

Perhaps post some screen shots of what you’re seeing and explain what you’re expecting.

Sorry for the late answer, yes these :slight_smile:
I unchecked the first one, Text.
And my lyrics were gone (obvious).
But there’s no way to undo.
I fixed it now, but maybe something to look at?

Hi @So_Godly

Yeah those settings aren’t covered by the undo manager (I’m sure for some technical reason that escapes me at the moment). And to be clear: these are not per-state settings.


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