Maintaining Gain / Volume Settings Between Songs

So here is a question for the Catabilian Gurus…

I am using both CC4 to control the gain of a rack, and CC7 to control Cantabile’s output gain.

Those settings seem to get saved at their current state when I save a rack, of song, depending.

Is there a way to make Cantabile always “keep” the last known setting as you switch songs, essentially remembering the last value? The reason being, as I switch between songs, it seems as if I always have to “move” both the volume slider and foot pedal to “reset” things.



Hey Rick

I assume what you want to achieve is for the rack gain (controlled by CC7) and the overall output gain to be persistent between song, i.e. you set the rack volume to -6 dB in Song 1 - it is supposed to remain at -6 dB for Song 2 as well - correct?

In this case, the secret is to

  • NOT manage the output gains at song level but within racks
  • make these levels independent of rack states
  • preload the set list which contains your songs, so that everything remains in memory unchanged across songs

I’ll give you an example for your output level:

  • create a new rack, call it “Master Output Rack”
  • Instead of sending output from any plugin or rack in your song to “Main Speakers”, now send everything to “Master Output Rack - Stereo In”
  • put some final plugins into this output rack, which you’d want to stay constant across your set, e.g. a final EQ and a master volume plugin like FreeG
  • Connect the Rack Stereo In to your plugin chain and from there to Main Speakers Output
  • Create a binding within your rack from CC7 to FreeG, plugin parameter “1:Gain”
  • On FreeG, uncheck state behavior for the “1:Gain” Parameter, so it isn’t modified by any state change in your master rack
  • at your song level, create a MIDI route from your MIDI controller to your Master Output Rack. Now, when you send CC7 from your controller, you move the FreeG fader
  • to be sure, you can set File->RackOptions->Promt to change to “Only on significant changes”, so your rack doesn’t get auto-saved with the fader on a strange valus…

OK, you’re done for master volume: when you move your CC7, you change the fader level in your master rack --> you’re now controlling master volume. And, since the Master Output Rack stays in memory in a pre-loaded setlist, the fader level isn’t reset on a song change. Your next song will start at the same master volume level you left the previous one.

Similarly, you can insert a final FreeG in your instrument rack and control it via a CC4 binding.

And there is a lot more you can do by using racks for persistence: just think about that EQ in your Master Output Rack: why not use it to set a gig specific EQ curve during soundcheck?





And once again… where do we put the gold stars?

Yes, I am loading everything into memory. I put 32GB in my box just for that purpose.

I’ll give this a try next week, and thanks again!