Main PC and Rescue PC - Show notes not migrated

Hi, for live using I use my main pc (W10x64) and a second one (W7x64) for rescue. Both setups are identical.
This works fine. I transfer my songs preset from main pc to the rescue pc before every gig.
My problem is that the notes are not shown in ‘Show notes’ on rescue pc, i have to use add notes for every state and resave the songs. Is there a possibility to prevent this.
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Hi @kyru

That doesn’t sound right… show notes should move over just like anything else.


  1. Is the problem with text notes or image notes or both?
  2. I presume the notes are there in the song but just blank?
  3. Are the files in the same location on both machines - including any referenced images?

(To be clear, images in show notes aren’t stored in the song file - those image files need to be present on both machines).


Hi Brad,

  1. I only use jpg files (scores)
  2. I will change the location file for both pc’s to \ My documents\

Is there a possibility to add a location in \ Options\ file location\ for this folder.


Currently there’s no option to set where notes image files are to be found, but so long as they’re in the same relative location on both machines they should be located fine. eg: if the song and the note images files are in the same directory (or a subdirectory of the song’s directory) then it should work.

See this post for some more details:


Wow, thanks a lot for your help, works fine now.

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