LSB, MSB, Program Number changes

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Hi guys, there’s some kind of quirk when entering MSB, LSB, Program Change numbers in the bindings field where it converts them to some other format number. It still selects the right patch however I’m wondering why thenumbers need to change.

For example, a particular Performance patch on my Yamaha MODX is MSB: 64 LSB:34 and Program Change No: 68 which I enter in the Value field in Cantabile as: 64.34.68, however once I press ok it converts the MSB & LSB numbers to: 8226.68

Is it possible to maintain the visible format as entered?
Many thanks!!

I use NRPN and it’s similar (64.34 is converted to 8226). However, go into Tools, General, Formatting and change the (N)RPN Numbers to what you like, the format will change.



Or Program Banks.

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Thank you that did the trick :ok_hand: