Lowest Note MIDI Filter

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OK… So, I thought I’d find a VST somewhere to do this, but the closest I’ve found is a Ableton Live proprietary plugin, which I can’t use.

What I’m trying to do is filter out all notes but the the lowest active note. Think of it like a moving key-range that is one note wide and is always the lowest held note. Its a bit hard to describe, but I’ll try.

The idea is to be able to play a chord, and filter out all but the lowest note, and send that note to a different plugin, like a sub-base or something. When note-off is sent to the lowest note (and there is no sustain), it waits for the next note-on, and if that note-on is lower than any other held notes, this note-on is passed through and becomes the lowest note. If a new note-on occurs that is lower than the current lowest note, a note-off is sent for the current lowest note and the new note gets a note-on and becomes the new lowest note.

Conceptually, think of sending the lowest played note to a sub-base plugin, monophonically.

I haven’t figured out a way to do this with C3, nor have I found a VST to do this.

Any ideas?

The only way I can think of is to program it in JSFX and use ReaJS.

Slightly complex, do you use sustenuto? And is it correctly understood that if you hold two notes, then releases the lower, then this will trigger a note-on for the now-lowest note, even though it is being held?

Haven’t used Sustenuto, though I’ve thought about that. I don’t think it would really do what I want.

As to the retriggering of the a new lowest note that is already being held when a previously held lower note is released… I don’t think so. I think evaluation only needs to occur on new note-on events.

I did discover last night that I can program Synthmaster to limit notes to 1 (monophonic), with preference to the lowest note. I haven’t fully experimented with it yet, but that might work… as long as I can find or create a bass patch there that works for me (which should be possible) [edit: nope, doesn’t work]

If I can find the time, I might dip my toe into VST programming to make a little utility VST for some sort of sliding note range window. I guess I’m just surprised nobody has done this already (apparently).

I remember there used to be an alternate DX7 firmware that had a sliding keyboard split point, based on some rules of what was being played. Different, but similar concept.

@brad, maybe after some more thinking this might turn into a Cantabile feature request… :slight_smile:

Anyone else interested in something like this?


Hm… The Google search throws some KVR results and it seems that there are arpeggiators (i.e. Cthulhu) that can do this and that there is another host that can do this filtering.

Something that could be added as a filter would be cool