Low Latency EQ?

New to this and still finding my feet.
Currently set up Cantabile to control levels from my incoming audio interface for two hardware instruments and it’s working very well.

However, one of the instruments is very boomy and needs a low cut, which I was able to manage on my hardware mixer but don’t have this option in Cantabile at the moment.

Is anyone aware of a simple, Low latency EQ plug-in? Free or payable.

I would like to run a couple of instances of such an EQ as I have a piano module that needs brightening up as well so Low latency would be a must.

Melda offers a free bundle of plugins that includes a zero latency EQ and all of their stuff is quality. Kilohearts also offers a free bundle that includes EQs and filters and is also zero latency and high quality. The EQs in the Kilohearts bundle are more limited in terms of number of bands but you probably want a simple high pass for this purpose anyway, which are also in both bundles.

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Aw, mate. That’s brilliant. So grateful this advice :+1:

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