Lounge lizard Session is Not saving

Hi! After reinstalling cantabile 3.x i had to reinstall jbridge … now i have the problem, that my plugin Lounge lizard Session the choosed Instrument, e.g. Rhodes 3 chorus (my favorit) can Not be saved.
After changing the Song and recall this the First setting (Rhodes 1 pure) is set…there is no way to Save the Song…what is wrong?

They just put out an update to Lounge Lizard a few days ago, and if I recall correctly, this was something they fixed.

  • Paul
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So it was the Solution, thanks

It happened to me too. In a very random way. The only fix I found was to install Jbridge first.

Well, there‘s really an Update, also with 64 Bit dll, all Problems are solved.

My point was about the Jbridge problem.

Well, Lounge lizard Session offers an Update, also with a 32 Bit DLL

I know. Installed 4.4.4 at the end of May.
Anyway, I quit x32 a few years ago. There were many good reasons for that.

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