Loud, short buzz when starting Cantabile

This isn’t typically a huge issue, but I think worth noting. Probably for the last year of Cantabile versions at least, I get a loud, short buzz that comes through my audio device when I start Cantabile. It also happens if I go into the audio options and once I leave that window I’m assuming the audio component of Cantabile gets reset and it does that sound again.

I’m using a Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 (the old one with metal casing… wish they named them properly, like MK1/MK2 or call the new one “7”) and Windows 11.

Normally this happens before the sound system has my audio going through the monitors/mains so it’s not an issue. But recently when troubleshooting an issue related to audio plugins I went into Cantabile’s audio settings and when I exited that window the loud buzz hit the monitors and mains, so I now have to make sure I turn the output off/down whenever checking audio settings.

I can record video/audio of this happening if anyone needs to. Just wondering if anyone else experiences this.

I have a Behringer audio device as a backup, but haven’t tried that to see if the issue exists with that device as well.