Lost all midi devices after upgrade to C4

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I just upgraded to C4 and seem to have lost all my midi device definitions and assignments. That is a bit of a disaster - I use a “fader rack” to hide all my hardware, and that has all kinds of bindings and stuff, all of which is gone now. Recreating that would take me days (that is weeks in elapsed time).

I do see that in the actual rack file (made a copy) all bindings and routings, filters etc are stil there, but by lack of defined midi devices, these no longer show.

Has anyone else seen or had this? Is there a way to recover? I have gigs tomorrow which right now I am simply unable to play …

Any help would be appreciated!


Update - it seems like I have lost all my “options” - does anyone know in which file those are defined; in that case I should be able to get that back from backup…

Hi Tom,

The settings file from your last working Cantabile 3 setup should be able to copy to the Cantabile 4 settings folder. Then on the next boot of Cantabile your previous settings should transfer over.


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That was scary - but I did find the settings and copied those over and all is well. Phew.

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The “options” of Cantabile are in the settings.json file. I would bring over that file from your C3 settings folder to the C4 configuration folder … depending on if you are using Multiple Configurations, as described in This Guide.

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Tx, got it working again!