Losing USB connection after 'sleep' mode

Not after I’ve been to sleep, of course! If I leave Cantabile open but put the computer to sleep, my Line 6 FVP Express loses its connection. Sometimes it’s the Mixface that is dropped instead. They are plugged into a powered USB adapter but I tried plugging the Line 6 directly into the computer and it’s the same problem. Both USB connections work fine after a restart, and unplugging/replugging the Line 6 bings it back online as well.

I use a Skull Canyon NUC running Windows 10 21H1.

Is this a Windows problem, or Cantabile? Anyone else come across this with USB devices?


Hi Paul

Of course you understand when you go into sleep mode, so do your usb connections. That is why it is stressed in Brad’s Glitch Free book (free on site) to deactivate screensavers and sleep modes on everything, including all usb ports. I am not understanding why you would ever want to put it into sleep mode. That will surely ruin a live gig if you are performing. I suggest you read the book and realize what you need to do to have a flawless machine.
Even though the powered usb hub provides power, midi signals will lose connection in sleep mode, thus the needed restart.


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As @Corky said, it’s unwise the sleep/hibernate state when you have critical hardware connected. The trouble is not the sleep itself, it’s the resume from that condition, which not includes a full PC reset.

It’s not set to sleep automatically, and I never would do it on a gig, it’s just that sometimes I want to leave it on but not leave the screen image up if I’m going to be away from it for a few hours. What I was wondering was why not all the USB connections are lost. My HX3 (Hammond module) is connected (though not powered) by USB as is the Mixface controller. It’s almost always the Line 6 that doesn’t respond even though I can see it’s still receiving power from USB. I suppose I should always shut it down if I’m leaving it unattended for a while.

It’s mainly an internal USB controller/hub issue. That’ the reason why not all PCs have the same behavior. I turn display off (manually) when away few hours.

Thanks for the input everyone. I think turning off the display is the way to go if I’m feeling too lazy to shut down then restart later! :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you haven’t already, make sure you go into your Windows settings and set all usb ports to never sleep, just so the connections stay active.

Hi clp,

I assign the power button on my laptop to sleep and press it when I walk away from my rig. When I come back and tap the power button my two Axiom 61 (1st gen) almost always reverse (upper keyboard becomes lower or vice versa). I finally gave up and always close Cantabile before pressing the power button.