Losing bindings when converting linked rack to embedded rack


When I’m converting a linked rack to a embedded rack in C3, I’m losing all the bindings within that rack. I would like to keep these bindings in the embedded rack. Is there a reason for this behaviour. Do I miss something here?

I’m using build 3553.



There were some changes to the Bindings recently, this probably needs @brad to comment on it.



@brad , can you tell me whether these bindings should be maintained when converting to embedded rack or not? In my opinion these they should.
Regards Jan


i now see that i should use ‘Embedded Rack (from file)’ to maintain bindings within a linked rack.
this one’s just caught me out too.
@brad, i’m working on a big rack that’s already crashed on me.
if it’s an embedded rack and i’m editing the rack then ctrl-s does not save the song. maybe it should? to save it i have to come out the rack, hit ctrl-s then go back in to continue to edit.
in order that ctrl-s worked within the rack i converted it into an linked rack.
now @JanM 's issue crops up when i try to reuse all the bindings i made - they’re not there once i convert my linked rack to embedded once more.


Yes indeed, that’s the workaround, which in itself works fine. Still, in my opinion the bindings should be maintained when converting to an embedded rack. I do not see the added value when letting bindings disappair.