Loopback, feedback a plugin to itself (via different audio ports),

i’m trying to use Augustusloop FX.
it’s a delay plugin that allows you to insert an effect before it enters its tape record section.
it achieves this by allowing extra inputs and outputs to the plugin.
it exposes 3 stereo ins and 3 stereo outs to C3.
the main signal goes in on stereo in 1, the main out on stereo out 1.
i believe that the pre tape fx out comes out of stereo out 2 and it expects it to go back in stereo in 2.
ie i send augustusloop stereo out 2 to a pitch shifter
then the output of the pitchshifter to augustusloop stereo in 2
but no… Cantabile blocks off that sort of feedback scenario, even if they’re going through different ports.
is there anyway in the config file to allow C3 to feedback a plugin to itself?
should C3 allow feedback through different audio ports to the same plugin?
should i work around this using the loopback interfaces?