Looking for plugin purchasing advice regarding Waves Abbey Road Bundle

I’m thinking about buying their current Abbey Road bundle offer for $200. That amount is about what I would spend on the discounted individual plugins I know I want so the rest are either filler or a bonus if I’m lucky :grinning: I know some of you have these so interested in your opinion.

I have the bundle. I like the plugins. I put the TG Mastering Chain and J37 Tape on my mix bus. I check my mixes through the Studio3 plugin with headphones. I use the Saturator on my lead vocals most times. I just got the compressor, but haven’t gotten to use it, yet. I occasionally use REDD and the passive EQ. I haven’t used the others in the set too much.

Thanks for the feedback. I did go ahead and get the bundle two days ago and had time yesterday to install. I used a Beatles cover I made of Day Tripper to test some of the plugins like the compressor, tape, plate and redd. I like the plugins, the plate reverb especially.


Here’s an even worse question than the first one in this thread. I just got an email from Waves offering any 2 plugins free - it was part of their recent promotion. The only other Waves plugin I already have is the Scheps 73 strip. Are there some must have Waves plugins that aren’t in the Abbey Road bundle?

There are so many… All depends also where you are interested in, mixing tools, instruments, mastering tools.
I use the WLMplus quite a lot to do final corrections of a mix and force it to a specific LUFS. I use VocalRider standard to smooth out vocal volumes. RVox also helps a lot on vocals. As for the instruments, the Slap Bass (Base Slapper) - if you need it - is kind of special, as I have not seen it in other VSTs, and sounds good. Others, which I consider good also given the huge competition are the L2, the API 550, CLA 76. All depends if you have already good alternatives obviously…

The MDMX Distortion Modules, which I think qualifies as ONE free VST, is also quite nice and can do crazy things to your sound, and basically you get 3 distortion plugins in a nice interface

@adderoo - thanks for the advice on the other Waves plugins. The vocal rider seems like a good candidate. Last year I bought IK Total Studio Max which includes most the T-Racks 5 plugins. Those have been really helpful. I’m interested in adding plugins to help mixing.