Looking for an auto-fade VST

So I’ve got a fairly unsteady foot due to some leg problems, but I often need to fade in a pad or strings (and I perform standing up). My foot doesn’t cooperate fully with an expression pedal and it can be embarrassing. I’m looking for something simple that I can trigger with a button on my controller that will fade up a volume control at a pre-set time. I’ll run my VSTis through it in C3, just like I sometimes do with GFader.

I tried this one: https://www.kvraudio.com/product/fade_x_by_sonic_assault
The problem is that there is no binding or MIDI assignment available to start the auto-fade (and it’s tiny and ancient).

Any suggestions? Thanks much!

Create a midi file with a linear CC curve and run it with the media player. You can now bind this CC value to anything you want.

Have you tried dave_dore’s fader racks? May be just what you are looking for.

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Hey Richard,

For what it’s worth I made a drastically more simple version that does Expression pedal only that I will post today. It may be a handier solution that the beomoth original Swiss Army rack lol! Thanks for the shout out. :grinning:


Very cool! I’ll be checking it out today while practicing. I’m sure it’s what I’m looking for. Thanks for all of the suggestions. It looks like everyone is on the same page with MIDI cc in a media player. Dave is making it easier! :slight_smile:

Take a look at this post - I’ve built a little script for ReaJS that will let you ramp smoothly between controller values. So to create automated fades, you’ll simply have to send a new controller value to this rack, and it will smoothly fade between its current value and the target value. Works for any controller (volume, expression, pan, you name it).

You won’t be able to set a preset time for the full fade, though, it will allow you to specify the fade speed in milliseconds per step - but with a bit of experimentation, I’ve always found the right speed…

I use this a lot for automated fade-outs, fade-ins or volume changes between song states (e.g. avoiding volume jumps when changing the volume of a string layer between sections).



I’ve always used midiSimpleLFO, part of the free pizmidi package (which incorporates a lot of other useful VSTs as well, such as delays, etc). The parameters I use for a slow fade are setting the waveform to sawtooth, using CC3 as the out, setting its frequency mode to “tempo” so it follows the tempo of the song automatically within Cantabile and the frequency to 24 bars, and triggering mode to notes. So in my case, when a particular note gets routed it to, it starts the decay on CC3. Then in Cantabile’s bindings I bind midiSimpleLFOs Controller 3 to the rack’s Gain.