Looking for advice on upgrade

I currently have C3 Solo, however I have been thinking of upgrading to Performer…can others perhaps give me some reasons why they think it is worth the upgrade price? I do use the program live, and have gotten used to the drawbacks of Solo, but maybe it’s time to move up? Like most, my budget for music gear is strictly limited these days, so every purchase has to be justified haha!

Any opinions and thoughts appreciated,


The rack feature improvements alone justify it, though there are several other excellent reasons to upgrade. The “enjoyment quotient per dollar spent” factor is high with this one! :smile:

I did not really get into upgrading in my review at KVR, but perhaps I’ll improve on it from responses to your question!

[EDIT] I’ve linked to this discussion from my review for now. Dave’s reasons were very informative!



Hey Dennis,

I thought I’d comment like this

Live Mode - very cool alternate view for live use that’s separate from the editing view with ticker tape setlist and configurable workspace with your choice of panels

Show Notes - this is my favorite addition because I had to resort to more complex means to see my lyrics and chord reminders when practicing and at gigs sometimes.

Linked Racks - when doing multiple part songs this is a useful tool

Pre-Loaded Set Lists - Another favorite for me because I can load an entire group of vst’s and media in memory for a whole setlist at a time greatly decreasing the time to switch between songs

Super Fast Song Switching - If you use the same plugins in your songs they remain loaded when switching songs

Song & Rack State Syncing - the ability to save changes across songs that use the same resources (racks) or not if you wish it

Programmable Triggers - Extremely accessible, flexible and powerful trigger section that also interfaces with the control binding capability of C3

MIDI Clock Sync - ability to sync with external midi device

Global Transpose Functionality - One touch transpose for all loaded songs in setlist

It’s still being improved and some of the coming developments will surely please me too. since we have all been invited to make suggestions and vote for changes we would like to see. I think for me it was well worth it because the extra features were so usable in my situation. I guess that’s what you need to gage before upgrading. Good luck with your choice!



thanks guys much appreciated :+1:

hmmmm…it is very tempting…

How would my existing C3 solo songs transfer across? I guess I would probably have to start again to create racks and not songs - as discussed in another thread.

I started out with “songs” and not using racks at first also, as it is easy to make songs, and racks were a bit beyond my comprehension at first (and some aspects of them I am still learning!)

When you get into doing racks it is really cool, because you feel like you are discovering an entirely new realm. Many awesome possibilities!


I got a ton of help with racks back in November at this thread:

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Sweet, thanks Terry.

I’m fine with CB3 Solo, but I was also looking into upgrading because I neeeeeed triggers to change the lights on my controller (I can’t use a computer monitor in concerts). The other features I’d get with Performer are useless to me at the moment… Being Canadian means I’m too nice to have a strong currency in this world, so the upgrade from solo would cost me over 210$. Not sure little blinking LED lights are worth that… :confounded:

Yeah being in Oz means my upgrade will be 180+ (although all worth it for the software and support - which is priceless really ) and then some PP percentage on top…but you know, I am really leaning toward “sucking it up” and just splashing out on the upgrade. For me, too, there are things I don’t need - however, I think it’s a case of I don’t think I need them because I don’t have them at the mo. And to tbh, the things I need to do, are going t outweigh the financial aspect.

I reckon in a short space of time, I can see myself taking advantage of the extra tools :wink:


Yeah… :smirk: