Looking for a loop-plugin

Hey people,

I’m looking for a plugin that allows to play loops. Of course the media player is perfect for that task.
But I have a specific requirement: I want it to be synced with Cantabiles MIDI Clock and I want to choose when this loop should start.
Example: I have a wav file (shaker loop) and load it into that looper. I set it to start on every first beat in a bar.
Now we play a song without the loop and in the last bar before the chorus I hit the play button of that looper. The loop will be armed (not played) and fired on the next first beat in the next bar.
This is very easy to do with Ableton. But I don’t want to run another application in backround.

Any ideas?


I am building something like that - it’s a priori intended for midi loops, but works equally well for samples triggered by notes. I have a first version working; it’s open source. PM me if interested! I’ll post a formal announcement when I’m a bit further advanced - that’'l be near end of year. I have a site in the works with manuals & demo’s - that’ll be up in the next week or so.


I wrote you a personal message but didn’t receive a reply yet.

Anyway: If someone else has an idea, please share it!

Oops. I sent you a reply a couple of days ago. I’m trying again as we speak!

UVI WORKSTATION, and it’s free!

Really? Is UVI capable of doing that??

Never used it, so I have no clue of it’s features.

It seems to work!
But I’m not able to slice the wav-file or edit it… where is the button? :slight_smile:

I don’t really use it myself, (not my mission in the band😄). I think you can’t make bid editing, just adjust the point of loop.BUT you can timestrech the files !

While your application is a total ‘cinch’ for Mobius, it is free and works as a plugin inside of Cantabile. It is up to 8 iterations of the famous ‘EchoPlex’ . But you can trigger the sample with any MIDI controller component, (button, slider, pedal, etc…). It syncs with clock tempo and ‘quantizes’ your trigger to the ‘next’ measure,1/2 measure, or 1/4 measure. There’s a bit of a learning curve to Mobius, but when you ‘get it,’ you will find that this is arguably the most powerful looper that exists, and it does some amazing tricks as well!

Will check this!