Looking for a good Principal chorus without tons of reverb . .


I’m looking for a plugin that has a Principal organ chorus (Open pipes at 8’, 4’, and 2’) WITHOUT tons of reverb usually associated with “Pipe Organ” voices. It should also accept arbitrary tuning of EVERY note (not just a single octave)

There are complete organ excruciatingly sampled sets, but they tend to be $$$$$. Nearly every synth with a “Pipe Organ” sound is a Full Organ, with lots of reeds and mixtures, and simply GOOEY with reverb.

I have an application—demonstrating non-equal tunings, upper and lower Pythagorean commas, speculative tunings . . lots of other things—where a clean Principal tone would be the ideal demo voice.

Any thoughts? There’s LOTS that accept tun files and similar, but I’m hoping for a MUCH simpler “organ” sound than is typically provided.


Xpand!2 has a Simple Cathedral patch and you can kill reverb easily, but only a global fine tuning.

Not cheap, but that would be the way I would do it: Omnisphere and loading a custom sample.

I’m not very good with Kontakt but I’m pretty sure it can do it, although you may have to convert your tun files into Kontakt scripts.

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I have Kontakt, but I haven’t looked into that corner of it yet. I found a few straight organ plugins that aren’t insane, and that have some historic temperaments baked in.

One thing I’d LOVE to be able to do is have c’-b’ replicated across three keyboard octaves, one at minus 1 comma, one at pitch, and a third at plus 1 comma so I could show the difference without having to reprogram between samples. The other bits, W vs Just vs whatever, are an easier nut to crack.

Try the demo here - offers what you need and much more (very realistic pipe sound without large sample banks):

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I was looking at their stuff for the arbitrary runing tables. I’ll check this out!