Looking for a funky brass-VST

Hey people,

I’m just watching the Michael Jackson “This is it” documentary which is absolutely impressive.
The band doesn’t have a horn-section. But the sounds that are coming from the keyboard (Korg M3) are awesome! Funky but not too authentic.

Does someone has an idea where to get those sounds? I need them! :slight_smile:

I have the session-horns from native instruments, but they sound a bit too authentic and are not fast enough in my experience.


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I play in a horn band, Sax and Keys. Sometime I reinforce the rest of the horns with Korg Collection M1. I use a patch on M1 called “Brass Power++” that has a built in crescendo that works great. I also use NI Session Horns Pro.

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Yeah I’m going to say that the Korg Legacy Collection and the M1 is going to be the closest you’ll get. It’s a great set of vsts and well worth having. Actually I suppose would be the Korg Legacy Digital Collection wouldn’t it.

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Yeah! I use the M1 a lot but I never thought of trying the brass sounds out of it! I’ll do! :slight_smile:

My current workhorse brass patches come from Korg M1 (a somewhat modified “Tight Brass”) and from Xpand! 2 (“Hard Brass Layer”, somewhat customized). Not super-hi-fi, but in a live context, they do the job nicely.

When I need a more realistic brass, it’s definitely Session Horns, but for those un-realistic super-bright, super-fast brass section sounds, it’s usually M1 or Xpand!2. Haven’t really gotten around to checking all the nice stuff in the Roland 1080 plugin yet. JV 2080 used to be my workhorse in the studio, so there is definitely some good brass around…



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+1 on Xpand!2 Brass, it lights it up for me in my use and I only paid a small bit thanks to your heads up about it! I’ve switched a lot of stuff to this cool little Plugin. Guitars, Strings, Brass all very adaptable.



For synth brass sounds that are not sample or wavetable based but sound amazing doubling other patches- hard to beat the Oberheim Xpander too.

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