Looking for a controller/audio interface combo

In my undending question to simplify, I’d love to hear opions on what’s being used by Cantabile folks.

I’m trying to simplify my setup for some of those “quick, casual” gigs, including playing at church occasionally. In these cases I’d be bringing one keyboard, and I want to simplify the setup to have a 61 note keyboard and audio interface all in one. As I already have a Yamaha MOXF8, if it’s a two keyboard gig, it’s easy for me to add my Novation Impulse 61 as a separate controller (organ, synth, pads) and use the MOXF Audio interface, but for those gigs where I’m playing acoustic piano, but need to have some additional sounds, I want to bring in a laptop and a single keyboard/interface to make this work. In the acoustic piano + controller case I could probably get away with 49 keys, but it woudl be limited. I’ve got lots of controllers and audio interfaces, but only one (a Line 6 KB37) combo that does both, and that’s definitely too small.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Hi Pat,

This answer is unorthodox but I was surprised how well ASIO4ALL worked with the laptop’s headphone jack output. I bought a cable that’s 3.5 mm into the laptop and a pair of 1/4 females on the other end. I use guitar cables (just because it’s what I have) into amps etc.

PS. That Line 6 KB37 is neat - never heard of it before


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Thought about ASIO For All, but I always worry about extraneous noise from a PC headphone jack. If the noise problem hasn’t hit you, I’ll give it a try next time.

The KB37 was a gift from one of the Line 6 folks many years ago. I don’t think they’re still in production, but it certain does do a bunch of stuff if I ever need it (including functioning as a POD). The keyboard feel isn’t bad, and it’s got that retro look. I’ve thought about adding it as an additional keyboard, but with only 37 keys it’s only good for (most) soloing and bass lines.

Thanks -

recently I saw this one on internet:

Here it is the 88 key version, but there are also 49 and 61.
It seems not so expensive. But I had no chance to test the keybed

A few years ago I did a series of shows using ASIO4ALL and my laptop’s Realtek internal sound and headphone jack. Honestly- through the PA it sounded just like any other audio interface. I wouldn’t recommend serious gigging that way if you don’t have to for various reasons, but… it worked. Worked well, actually.

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I agree. Fred is right, I gigged and recorded several times this year through laptop card and ASIO4ALL. No problems, but I also would not run that way all the time, also for various reasons.

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Old thread but, I just register.
Suprisingly, the Venom is a very good combo controller. While it’s FAR from a good synth, and shows many flaws, that’s one of my favorite combo controller. Its 4 zones switches feature is very appreciated for live usage. Quite solid ASIO driver too.

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