Long Exit Time After Updating Kontakt, V Collection 8

I am experiencing a very long elapsed time for Cantabile to unload memory and close on exit following recent updates to both Kontakt (6.5) and Arturia V Collection 8. I can’t pinpoint which update is causing this, but my exit time (from the point you answer Yes to the “Are you sure you want to exit” prompt) has gone from about 8 seconds to 40 seconds with my primary setlist of 70 songs that uses approximately 22Gb RAM with preloading. I can replicate this issue on two different laptops. I am running Cantabile version 3.0 Build 3667 on both devices. Is anyone else seeing this?

I am having no problems new Kontakt or Arturia. Do you have numerous large sample libraries in Kontakt?

Hey, Corky. Yes, I use several Kontakt sample libraries in linked racks including Electri6ity from Vir2 Instruments, Pettinhouse AcousticGuitar 2, Kontakt Factory Library, Virtuoso Ensembles from Kirk Hunter Studios, NI Session Strings 2, Seranna Korg Kronos and Yamaha Motif XF, among others. However, prior to yesterday when I updated Kontakt and VC8, my exit time was consistently under 10 seconds; now almost 45 seconds on my slower laptop. Also, I’ve been on C3 Build 3667 for the past week-and-a-half with sub 10 second exit time prior to these updates.

I see where NI is already planning a 6.5.1 maintenance release to address Cubase issues. One of the “enhancements” in 6.5 was Kontakt not releasing memory correctly, so I wonder if their change has affected how it closes open sessions?

It could be, so maybe the update to 6.5.1 will clear it up. Do they explain the 6.5.1 update? I’ve never tried, but can you reverse to a release prior to 6.5 without a problem?

It’s not worth downgrading Kontakt or VC8. Everything else is working fine. Preload and song load times are normal. It’s only when I exit the program so not that big a deal. I’ll wait and see what the next round of updates bring. Thanks for the suggestions, Corky.

Hopefully, the update will fix it.

last week I upgraded Arturia V7 to V8 (I paid only $230, but this is another ugly story), and updated Kontakt to 6.5. So I tried to replicate your problem, even I don’t own most of the libraries you have. As host I checked Cantabile 3667, Reaper 6.23 and Cubase Artist 11. First, I loaded 18GB of samples on Kontakt, a couple of V8 instruments (CS-80 and Emulator II). Then I played all the stacked instruments for half of hour. At the end, I focused on the closing of the hosts programs. I repeated each test three times. Here is the result:
Reaper: 3 to 4s.
Cantabile: 3 to 5s
Cubase: 6 to 10s.
I’m not surprised that Cubase is the slowest. I mean, it’s always slow on closing. Don’t ask me why.

I updated Kontakt to 6.5.1 and it’s still taking 40 seconds for C3 to fully exit.

The first step to narrow this down would be to checkout Cantabile’s log. Try this:

  1. Start Cantabile
  2. From the Tools menu, choose Open Settings Folder
  3. Reproduce the issue

From the folder opened in step 2, look for the file log.txt. Each line in that file starts with a timestamp so you should be able to spot exactly what’s happening when the stall occurs.

Post or email the log file if you want me to take a look.


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Thank you, Brad. I was unaware of Cantabile’s event logging and diagnostic capabilities. I will check the log and report back with my findings.