Logging UI Errors

Is there any way to troubleshoot plugins where the UI refuses to display? So far I have 3 or 4 plugins that intermittently will not display their interface. Often these same plugins, when the interface does display, will crash when the display is closed with the red X, but not always. Sometimes they work just fine, just with no GUI.

All of this trouble began with the 3500 series builds of Cantabile, so clearly, for my setup, with the plugins that I am using, the new UI tech is not stable. I have had no difficulties at all with the same plugins in the previous builds before the new UI technology. I would like to try to get a handle on what is going wrong so that I can use later builds of the product. I just upgraded to performer and it would be nice to take advantage of some of the new features.

Are you on the latest stable version? There were problems with some VST gui displays in the earlier versions of the 3500 series. With what VST’s are you having the problem ?

I was using the latest stable version. I backed off from the betas when the problem first occurred but reverting to only stable versions didn’t fix the problem. The only solution was to not use 3500 series builds.

Anyway, the problem plugins are all guitar related:

Mercuriall: Spark and Reaxis
Scuffham: S-Gear (sometimes)
Cytomic: The Scream (this is still in beta)

I’ll try it again this evening with the latest stable version of Performer (rather than Solo) but I would assume that the core gui display code is the same. Is their any kind of logging that I could enable to see if some gui update call is failing?

Hey Jeff,

which Windows OS are you using? Just curious.



10 creator’s update.

Did you try any of these settings in options for User Interface regarding graphics like per window resolution or Open/GL? They are the only settings I know of for graphics and child windows in C3.


So, with Performer 3551 and a reinstall of one of the troublesome plugins (cytomic - the scream), I have all plugin GUIs working and everything seems stable. I will report if I find anything further - in case it helps someone, or the developer. I’m not sure how many are using Cantabile for live guitar, but perhaps there are others that have run into trouble with the same plugins I am using.

Hi Jeff

I use C3 for guitar, as well for keys. As I mentioned above, Brad had a fix version earlier on which fixed those gui problems. I am mostly using S-Gear, but still use others occasionally. Bias still takes awhile to load it’s gui, but it has stopped crashing since the update. I use the Mercuriall plugs occasionally, but no problem with display. I am, however, running Win7, and my backup is Win 8.