Locked Plugin Presets

Build 3625 now supports locked presets for plugin snapshot and parameter set preset models (not for native preset models).

Just click the lock icon and the preset will be locked such that if you switch away to another preset and come back again it will be restored to the state when it was locked. (ie: it doesn’t prevent the plugin state from being edited, it just prevents it from being saved again in the edited state).


To update a locked preset, just unlock it and relock it (ie: click the lock button twice)


Nice feature. Thanks.

I don’t see the “P” symbol to the right of the lock symbol. It isn’t showing up on my setup.

Hi @lorne.white,

Are you saying you see the lock button, but not the P, or that you’re not seeing either button? They both should appear when any preset model other than “Use Plugins Programs” is selected.


Here is the screenshot of what I see using "Entire Plugin Snapshot”. The new lock button is there but no “P”. I also tried “Parameter Set” mode, and still not there.

Am I pulling up the wrong screen or is something else not working for me?

Hi @lorne.white

Ah… I should have been clearer. The “P” button only appears for plugins that export more than one preset through the VST API. Pretty sure Sample Tank doesn’t … so it won’t appear on that plugin.


Thanks for the clarification.