Lock a song, possible?

It 's possible to lock a state.
But i don’t find the function to lock a song ? Maybe it doesn’t exist ?

I have connected the volume of each rack (6) on my keyboard sliders. It’s ok it’s working.
In live, I touch a slider, the volume of the rack change, but if i call a new time later the same song, i want to listen the volume initial and not the recently modified.

A function lock song will be perfect.

is there a solution ?
Thank you

Hi lamy,

A song always has at least 1 state so the state behavior boxes for each of your racks simply need to have the ‘Output Gain’ box’s checked. Then you set the default gain slider save values and save the song. When you adjust them during a song and then go to another song they will always return to the original saved state return to them.

Hope this helps,


Thank you.
I’ve found the solution.
In Binding : song states / On load / Rack / Gain

Yes, you can manually set a binding to a certain value and it will be set when the binding fires (on load in this case). What @dave_dore is suggesting is that the value will be remembered without manually changing it. Either works. Dave’s way is a little more automatic.