Loading then Suspending a set of voices in the Background Rack, using a Midi controller to recall them

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I bet this video would be so painful for experienced users to watch. Yikes. But keep in mind, I’m SUPER-new at Cantabile. But is this the way I should be loading then suspending vsts in the background rack, then using a controller (like my Akai APC Mini) to call them up?


I also share how I’ve been toggling the LEDs on the APC Mini to show which voice I have active. Finally, I share how Cantabile crashed two weeks ago just 15 minutes before an event, forcing me to re-create all this on the fly. Never again. Now I show how to back up the Settings.json file so, if I ever have a catastrophic crash again, I’ll use a backup settings file and be done in one single file restore.

Once again, hats off to Brad for creating such an efficient piece of software that lets me keep all these voices loaded but suspended in the background so I can recall them on the fly at the touch of a button (that lights up!). Thank you Brad!!!

Maybe I am missing something, but why are you doing this in the background rack. Not saying it is wrong, just wondering why you didn’t do this at the song level. Many different ways to use it (the beauty of Cantabile) For me, I use the Background Rack mostly for bindings used throughout all songs. Song level is where all my plugs and racks are for each individual song. If I load everything I use for every song into one rack, My CPU will surely be taxed.

If your intent is to create a single “Rompler” for everything you play, I could understand it.

Yes - My goal is to prepare a core sampling of most all of a standard set of “go-to” voices I would use under a variety of circumstances. In my particular application, I don’t really prepare a “song list” or “set list” with standard voices and standard sounds. I have to be ready at a moment’s notice to go with the flow.

But even with a song list, I’d still want to have flexibility to choose/assign voices - so my goal was to find a way to use this Akai APC Mini to choose them with buttons (and LEDs that would light up). Having to wire that up each time for a different song is not only a hassle, but also difficult because of remembering voice corresponds to which button.

Actually, if you copied what you have, and pasted it into a rack, you could drop that rack into any song, bindings and all. So, no need to rewire anything. BUT, I understand what you are doing now, so I am glad you figured it out.

Pre-Covid, I was playing in 5 different bands, with 5 different song lists, and about 150 songs in each list. I have song maps, lyrics, and controller settings in the notes pages as memory crutches, which jumping band to band can become confusing considering I am dealing with 750 songs. In each one of those lists, I have standard setup song, where I can use normally used keys, such as piano/organ, e piano/synth, etc. when playing songs off the list. So, you can see, I’ve made it my own, for my personal situation, which is what everyone here seems to do, and as you’ve done. Again…the beauty of Cantabile. :wink:



Sounds right, Corky. Just glad to know I’m on the right track.
Thanks for the feedback.

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