Loading an existing rack - no sound?

So I have created a few racks and thought I’d re-open some to make sure they were ok, and I get no sound. I found that right at the top of the page under Input ports, these were blank, even though I set the ins when creating the rack…Does this mean these are not saved with the rack?

And while I am on the subject, why do I need to create TWO sets of “ins” one at the very top and also another set of almost identical “ins” in the rack itself? If one of these is missing, again, I get no sound.


In the case of a reusable (linked rack) you should only have to wire it (set routes) only once then you just point to it in the song routing from song to song. It’s input should look like this:

When you first create the rack and open it up you should then be able to just select your plugin and the rack MIDI in and the Rack Stereo Out routes will created automatically. This when saved can be called from a song with no further internal wiring necessary. Here’s how the Song level routing should look. When it is empty I can add a linked rack and it will automatically create the MIDI input route and the Main Stereo Outs routing for the rack.

Also sometimes the rack doesn’t get saved but if set to autosave that shouldn’t happen. Hope this helps …


ok so the song routing (at the top) is not saved with the rack itself. It is only saved with a song, yes? fwiw the routing IN the rack is fine and is getting saved as written.

Correct, that’s how it works …