Loading a specific next song, based on how close it is in the set list


Hi Guys. I’ve been thinking about this one for a while now, and I can’t think of a way to do it.

About 2/3s of our songs have tracks, the other 3rd just use a click track. On the songs that have backing tracks, I have the song set up to automatically load a different song when the tracks are done playing. This song is my “mute” song, which resets the lights, FX units, etc, to a default state. Currently that happens via binding “Transport/On Position: x.xx/Setlist/Load Song With Program (Instant): 1”.

For the songs that are just a click track, when we’re done playing the song, I manually select the “Mute” song using an RFX128 floor pedal. In order to skip banking up or down, I put the “Mute” song in the set list multiple times , so PC1, PC10, PC20, PC30 are all the “mute” song. This also works fine.

What I’d like to do, if possible, is have the songs that are running tracks automatically load the closest “Mute” song, so that the previous/next songs in the set list are still listed on the screen.

I can change the binding to load the “mute” song at PC10, or PC30, for instance. But if I do that per song, when I use a different set list, the songs won’t go to the right “mute” song.

I’d like to keep use of the multiple “mute” songs instead of putting the bindings to reset the devices in every single song.

Any thoughts?


Maybe Mute should be the last state of each song?


I like the idea of using states for the last step, but wouldn’t I have to put all the hardware “default” bindings in each song still?


Doesn’t it make more sense putting the light control and stuff also inside the songs instead of having separate mute-songs? Why do you use specific songs for those setting and don’t call them from inside the songs.

Another idea is putting the light control into the background rack. So it’s available at any time.


I thought about the BG rack. Or a rack with all the State conditions turned off that would be the “everything off” of the last state. In other words, it would be the only thing in the last state and as soon as it was activated, it would turn everything off.


I know I could edit every song and put all the bindings for returning all the hardware to the default state, but I’m trying to avoid that if possible.

It’s not just the lights unfortunately, it’s also a Voicelive 3 and 3 Line 6 500 series devices. Also, the “mute song” puts the Line 6 devices in tuner mode too, and switches out of tuning mode when the “mute song” is unloaded. So that’d be 8 bindings per song x 55 songs = 440 bindings. Also, if I want to change something binding related regarding any of this, I’d have to edit 55 different songs. I guess putting the bindings in a linked rack in a final state would fix that, but I don’t want to update all the songs with an additional state because they’re currently working perfectly (and I won’t have a rehearsal again to test them at because we’re playing a big job this coming Saturday).

I do appreciate your input though :slight_smile:


Sounds like a perfect case for the background rack. But of course you’d need to edit every song to trigger the BG rack.
There is no other solution I can think of.


What I’m going to do at this point is just break up the set list from one long list to three.
That way each song can still reference the same song every time (Song #1 “Mute Song”).

Then if the chorus of “One more song! On more song!” starts at the end of the show, I’ll load the “All Songs” setlist and just deal with it.

Thanks for your input though.