Loading a song via program change from master keyboard

I am trying to to setup a binding with a program change coming from my Roland RD-2000 triggering a Load Song by Program number. I have the Source set to the Roland. Event to Program Change with the corresponding number being sent from the board. The target is Set List. The Action is Load Song by Program number. The Value is the corresponding song program number. It will not load the song. It remains on the song that I manually selected in the Set list. I am using Cantabile Solo.

Hi !
I’m exactly on the same issue (“Loading a song via program change from master keyboard”) and would want to know if you resolved your problem, please?
I think recall a Song from a Set List via program change using an external keyboard must be part of the basic functions of Cantabile… But I can’t do that ! I tried lot of Bindings fonctions for that for hours without any success !
Please, if you solved this, could you tell me the steps you found ? It would be so great…
Thank you in advance…

Hi Ralph,

This binding example works on my rig just fine.

Give it a try …




I’ve found !
In fact I persisted in creating 1 binding per Song … I ended up deleting everything and recreating these same bindings, but this time in a single list and especially in the Background Rack (not in the bindings affiliated to the Songs) !
Anyway Dave, thank you very much for your help

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