"Load State By Program (Delayed)" is not an option when using "Rack By Index/Name"

I’ve just discovered the “Load State By Program (Delayed)” feature and find it a very useful feature for cycling thru Song States by using a button on my Korg NanoKontrol. Thanks @brad
However, I now want to abstract my NanoKontrol bindings into a rack because I plan on replacing it with a NanoKontrol 2 shortly. But when I try to create the bindings in the abstracted rack and choose the Target using “Rack By Index/Name”, then it seems that “Load State By Program (Delayed)” is not an available option. Am I missing something? Is there a better way or an alternate way to accomplish this?
Thank you - David

Hi David,

If I’m not mistaken you have a simple MIDI route in your Song from the Nano MIDI port to the new Nano rack

and on the inside of the rack you would have a binding like this example set to CC#20

Will that get you there?



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You’re right there’s no delayed option on those binding targets. I think I can add it pretty easily, but let me know how you get on with Dave’s suggestion.

Thanks for the response @dave_dore, but I should have mentioned that I’m trying to change states within my synth rack - not the state in my song. Which is why I am using the “Rack By Index/Name” as my Target.

Yes, @brad, it would be great if you could add that feature to those binding targets.

Background: I don’t use Cantabile in the ‘standard’ way, where I create new Songs for every song I play. For 80% of the songs I play I use a single Song, which I call “Default”. Then I have many controllers which allow me to easily change settings on the fly. For example, I have button which toggles between Piano and ePiano. I have B3 on my upper keyboard, with sliders for drawbars and buttons for percussion, etc. I have buttons which toggle the suspend of various synth racks. The piece I was missing was being able to quickly change synth patches from a controller. When I discovered the “delayed” option it provided a great solution to being able to quickly cycle thru my favorite synth sounds! The only problem occurred when I tried to abstract my controller to a different rack.

Thank you - David

Oh, I see now what you wanted to do, that sounds like a good binding feature to add for controller racks to be sure. :slight_smile:


I’ll definitely look into this, but right now busy with TechUpdate2021. I’ve logged it here for now so I don’t forget and will try to get to it soon.

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