Load Song/Load State - Possible Bug?

I have an intermittent error, when sending a CC to Load the first Song, first state and reset transpose. Sometimes it will work, but other times it will change to the first Song/State, but then the Set List GUI becomes unresponsive to any changes - meaning that I can no longer change Songs or States. At that point I am unable to change Songs even using the mouse. I need to restart C3 to fix the problem.
Here is my BG rack bindings:

Has anyone seen this before? @brad
Cheers - David

I’m not aware of any issues here. Any chance you’ve inadvertently created a circular binding? If it’s easily reproducible I’d try checking your songs and racks for any other bindings and try disabling some of them and see if resolves the issue.

Failing that I’ll have to reproduce it here to figure out what’s going on - in which case can you send the song and all associated racks.


It’s intermittent. I haven’t been able to determine steps to reproduce yet.
How would I check for a circular binding?

Firstly its probably unlikely its this unless your setup is fairly complex, but the easiest way to detect it is to have reproducible issue and then start disabling bindings till the problem goes away.

If the whole app is hanging on you and it’s not reproducible the best bet might be to create a mini dump and send it to me. See the section “Diagnosing Hangs” here and/or use the Microsoft DebugDiag tools. See the bottom of that last link for an upload location and I’ll check it out.


It’s interesting because C3 continues to play all the VSTs in the song. I believe I could also start and stop the engine too. It will also allow me to ‘highlight’ a different song, but the radio button will not activate and C3 will not load the selected song. To resolve the issue I need to exit C3, which happens cleanly - with no crash.

Any chance you’re running an old build? I seem to remember an issue like this but it was quite a while ago.

No, I’m running the build latest, 3694.

Hi @brad,
I played with my SetList for a couple of hours and wasn’t able to get the issue to occur again and then just when I was ready to take a break it happened again - and I wasn’t able to change Songs. It’s stuck in that state now - is there anything I can check?

Hi David,

Hrm… very weird. Probably the best thing you could do would be to capture a debug minidump and send it too me to see if I can spot the issue. See here for some instructions although the steps are a little different for a hang - see here.

Out of curiosity does alt-tabbing away and back again resolve it (wondering if it’s just a mouse focus capture issue). What exactly stops responding - is it just the mouse, just keyboard, both. You say you can close the app - do you mean using regular menu commands, close button at top right, or forcefully kill through task manager?


Mouse and keyboard respond but when I select a different song it will highlight but the radio button does not check. The app does not hang.
I’m wondering if it might be a low memory situation because I opened the Options dialog and the General tab displayed but selecting any other tab just displayed blank. I also opened a rack and opened a plug-in Gui but the Gui wasn’t drawn.
When I check task manager memory it shows 36%.

Hi David,

That sounds like a GDI resource handle issue. Does this only happen after running for a while, or with certain plugins loaded?

One thing you could try is this:

  1. Bring up task manager
  2. Switch to the Details tab
  3. Right click on the column header, and choose “Select Columns”
  4. Locate “GDI objects” and make sure it’s checked, press OK
  5. Start Cantabile
  6. Find Cantabile in Task Manager details list and take note of the GDI object count.
  7. Next time the problem happens, go back to Task Manager and see if that number has skyrocketed.


GDI on Cantabile Start: 42
After Song/State gets stuck: 120

OK, it’s not that then. I got your other email about steps to repro, I’ll respond via email.

FYI: Brad was able to re-create the issue and suspects that it may be a bug, but there is a simple work-around. He said

"…the immediate work around is to simply disable the second binding (Song State → First State). The first binding does this anyway - “Load Song with Index” also loads the first state.
I think the cause of the problem is that bindings are executed in parallel so it’s trying to change songs and change states at the same time and something is locking up.