Load Song By ... Absolute - is off by one

When I send this binding:

… a MIDI Note On 61, it loads the song with program number 62. Hmmm. C4 adds one to the incoming MIDI value before selecting the Song By Program.

I get that MIDI note numbers are zero-based and C4 Song Program Numbers start at 1 … but this off-by-one issue is really messing me up.

(I previously had 64 bindings for the 64 pads on my LaunchPad Mini Mk3 to load any of my 64 songs, but then came across “Load Song by Program” and decided to try to consolidate.)

  • The scaling factor available with the Absolute Value doesn’t help … I need a bias factor.

  • … or allow a formula to be entered?

  • Hate to have to go back to the 64 separate bindings just for this …

  • I could change all my program numbers or change the sending device to send different values, but then I have to forever remember about this off-by-one scheme and it will be rather confusing …

Suggestions welcome …